inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-08-18 09:00:48 (UTC)

flying jelly bean attack

hey. i've been lazy about writing here... bad me. but
i've been writing a bit in my 'actual' diary.
gotta go back 2 bc soon, which i dont want to do with the
greatest passion on earth. =P i kno i'm lucky that the
trip was postponed, and now i only hafta go fer about 5
days, but still... this totally bites a big fat one. i
wont be able 2 write there, but there is the computer... so
hopefully i'll have a chance 2 write here. ... wow... my
writing is unintelligible 2day. i'm not so good @ staying
up late n e more =P

n e wayz... my piercings are in healing mode... at least, i
hope so. the tragus piercing is doing a lot better than
b4, but im not so sure about the 1st (or upper.... or
higher... or watever u wanna call it) helix tho. there's a
bump in the back... and it seems a bit raised around the
2nd piercing. but i freak out way 2 easily, i've learned
from experience =P so im just trying 2 stay calm n take
care of everything and hopefully it'll all work out in the
end. why shouldnt it?

thats about it for now... sure there's more 2
say, but im just not sayin it @ the moment. doncha hate it
when yer feelin pensive but yer just not awake enuff ta
write? life is so weird...



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