Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-08-18 08:32:51 (UTC)

I'm Already Loving This College Thing!

The big day finally arrived, and the past 2 days have been
everything I could have wished for! Brittany is cool, and
we're getting along really well. So far, there are only 6
girls in our little wing. Our RA is freakin' AWESOME! Her
name is Jennifer too. :) We've become really great
friends with the girls next door to us.

Sure, we still don't have air conditioning, but it's been
nice and cool since we got here, and we have lots of fans.
We are right across the hall from Jen. We're in the new
part of the building, so it's much nicer than the old
part. We have a pretty decent bathroom, and not many of us
have to share it. It feels SO cozy!

Our room has been labeled the Champagne Room because of all
the blue tube lights and glow-in-the-dark stars. Everyone
loves our room, and it's become the most popular place in 3
New (3rd floor, new section).

I've made so many new friends, and not the "outcast"
types. All of a sudden, I'm finding myself hanging out
with the former high school preps. (Well, "preps"
as some would call them. I never really had a word that I
felt fit. But you know what I'm talking about.) Of
course, I'm also making great friends like myself- people
who weren't necessarily "the right people" in high school,
but want to take this oppurtunity to start fresh.

We invited Adam and a few of his friends over tonight, and
they stayed for about half an hour or so. It was cool to
have guys over at 2:00 AM!

I think Heather (the girl next door) and I are going to go
to some sort of party tomorrow night. We aren't sure which
one, but there are tons of frat parties going on every
night, so I'm thinking we'll end up on Greek Court

I'm fitting in so well here! I love it. Some awesome
sophomores asked Jamie and me to sit with them at lunch
today. It was really cool. I felt so accepted and

All the advice I got really paid off. Be friendly and
outgoing. Don't be afraid to be the one going from room to
room introducing yourself. People admire that. Be
confident and show that confidence to others. It really
does work. This is like a dream come true, and it was
inside of me all this time. I'm glad that I've had the
chance to find it!

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