my own soap opera
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2001-08-18 07:30:17 (UTC)

August 17, 2001

Today was my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Well actully it wasn't all
that exciting, i didn't get any gifts or have a party. I'm
not greedy just didn't feel like a birthday. And also i
didn't do anything till like 10 pm cause all my friends
either weren't home, or were busy. Niki was free at 10 so
we got together then. We went to mcdonalds where we got
mcflurries (those things are expensive now! and kinda
crappy) but my mom bought them for us so i was like yay!
But anyways after that me and niki just talked mostly about
trevor considering we both went out wiht him and broke up
so we kinda compared and stuff, it was fun. She also
talked about the online guy she said she's in love with but
i don't quite think she knows what love is........ internet
is not the same thing as real life. it;s easy to think
you've fallen in love with someone online, i know form
experience but then you meet then and it's totally
different. But right now niki and i's friendship is so
strong, if it was always like this it would be so awsome,
but for now i hafta cherish all the great moments i spend
with her and she really wants to keep it this way too but
something probably will happen during the school year like
it always does and we will fight again but i'm hoping it
wont happen this year!

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