Life's A Boat, Be A Good Sailor
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2002-11-18 16:44:19 (UTC)


man, crazy busy weekend! friday cleaned up so that kace
could come over and chill. she came for like 30 minutes
then we left and went and ate at Pancho's. Then went to the
mall for a brief period of time, and then to the bowling
alley not to bowl but 2 play air hockey. after spending a
little while out in the cold outside of the bowling alley,
kacey and i left and came back 2 my house. we went 2 sleep
almost immediately. in the morning we woke up and ate some
good breakfast, then kacey left b/c i had 2 babysit at
10:30. after watching some children for some green, i came
home for a brief 15 minutes before i left again 2 go 2 opry
mills with kacey, her mom(also my 2nd mom), and daniel m. i
got a new purse/messanger bag, monkey belt, and hard rock
cafe shirt. we took dan home b/c he's a party pooper, then
we stopped and wendy's and then went bowling. After an
extremely bad game, extremely good game, and a couple
decent games we left. i returned 2 my house, and went 2
sleep. i think i got 6 hours of sleep b/c i had 2 get up at
6:30 to get ready for the titan's game. my father and i
went and spent several hours collecting old cellphones
prior to the football game. we watched the game, and did i
mention it was quite chilly outside, well it was. we stayed
and watched the titans beat the steelers. we left a little
early due to this fact, and that is was so cold. when we
got home i rested a bit, and then left again b/c i had to
be at church at 5 for the cities-wide worship of
presbyterian youth groups. i was in a skit. after this was
over my friend lee and i had a short marshmallow fight.
there was mallow all in my hair, so when i got home i had 2
take a quick shower. after that quick shower, i went 2 bed.
b/c of this busy and tiring weekend i stayed home 2day so i
could catch up on my rest.