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2002-11-18 16:07:57 (UTC)

numerology ;-)


Your numbers are...

Expression Number: 7
You're thoughtful, analytical and logical. You're probably
great at maths, but you love learning anything new. You'd
make a great teacher, psychic or vicar! You much prefer
working on your own than in a team. On the bad side, you
can be difficult to get to know, intolerant and lacking in

Soul Urge Number: 7
You number 7s love reading and escaping from the real
world. You're a dreamer and you want to gain knowledge and
understanding in life. You're about the least sporty person
you know, and you tend to be nervous or shy around people
you don't know. This means you find going to parties really
hard. Once people get to know you, they love your
imagination and thoughtfulness, so try not to let yourself
become too isolated and buried in your books.

Inner Dream Number: 9
You dream of being creative, intellectual and kind to all.
You'd love to be the one everyone comes to for advice.

Life Path Number: 4

You're trustworthy, practical and down-to-earth, and your
life path goal is to learn to accept being told what to do,
and to do it well. You're pretty hard on yourself in terms
of demanding the best, and your willpower is so good that
others sometimes see it as stubborness. You're set in your
ways and always believe you know the best way of doing
things. You're really organised and practical, which means
you'd make a great manager. You tend to have a few really
close friends rather than loads more casual friendships,
and you're completely dependable. Your patience and
determination could mean that you achieve great success in
life. However, you can be narrow-minded and a bit on the
blunt side when it comes to telling people what you think
of them. Keep your eyes open to the bigger picture and
you'll be fine.
Famous Life Path 4: Christina Aguilera and Nicole Kidman

die sieben ist auch noch meine lieblingszahl. *staunt*