Poetry of the Vampyress
2001-08-18 06:08:08 (UTC)

a tear in greatness

Did you ever... no... Give me a moment.. I had a moment
for every time my heart beat. you know. when your mind
seeps your thoughts into your body, they aren't really lost?

Great people die, greater than they have lived.

greater ...

A woman shakes her head, getting the rain off her hair.. it
took her twenty minutes to dry her hair that morning. Could
she stop that marvel at the way the rain was falling? She
thought work was more important. 'Got to get there on time,
Tom will be waiting for me to get there,' thoughts go about
in her head. none like 'That little girl looks so cute,
splashing in the water like that.' or 'I wonder if it will
rain all day, it's so relaxing.'

Do people ever think anymore? Do... we ever feel the
things we think we feel.?? or does our minds control it and
really make us feel things we shouldn't feel but do?
Sometimes i wonder, but am i really? or.. am i pondering,
thinking, ..... i dunno... it's so... weird...

If i held a daisy to a perfect stranger who looked at me as
if i was crazy, do you think they'd take it?

Tears drop, feelings caress my bossum, hearts enfold my
love for.... my heart enfolds..

do you want to hear a secret?

shhhh... it's a secret.

Don't hold against me what i don't know.. hold against me
your body in fullness and keep it there.. pressed hard
into mine... comfort me with heat, passion, and.... hold

A little girl stands in the rain... "MOMMY" she yells a
the top of her lungs. .. no answer... what is it today.
Children are left alone.. By the gods, who protects them
while their are alone... who... supernatural forces can't
do it... "Mommy" she says, tears rolling down her face,
mixed with rain drops... "i'm cold" she falls to her knees,
white as a cloud on a blue sky day... and...

Do you really think? DO you really feel? C'mon people...
learn to understand that this isn't a world.. this is a
place... we live here... we ruined it.. and now...
we'll die here....

is... it... worth... it.

This is our tear in greatness.