random mumblings
2002-11-18 14:57:31 (UTC)

oh yeah i'm white trash

from http://www.survivorseries.com :)

"When the brand extension first took hold, it appeared to
signify the end of one of the greatest tag teams of all
time. But the Dudley Boyz teamed up to break at least one
more table at Survivor Series! Bubba faced a desperate
situation. Both his partners had been smashed through
tables and eliminated, leaving him to face two opponents
by himself. Just as Bubba faced certain elimination, D-Von
Dudley raced in and evened the score. The Dudley Boyz put
Rico through a table with a 3-D and brought the Madison
Square Garden crowd to its feet! Are the Dudley Boyz back
together again? Tune in to RAW at 9/8 CT Monday night on
TNN to find out!"

catherine sent me a picture of her new car...very nice.
julie got a new car...very nice. pat sent me an
email...i'll have to email him back tonight. kevin called
me yesterday, told me he got Smackdown 5, told me it's
cool, said him and julie were gonna come up and visit
sometime since she has her car...i think i'd like that