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Fun in Asia
2002-11-18 13:37:29 (UTC)

The beginning . . . sort of . . .

Okay, this is my first time trying to do an online journal and
actually updating it. For those of you who do not know, I'm
Tom, and I'm right now in Nakorn Ratchasima, I-sann region,
Thailand on Exchange. Now, for the record, things I will put
in this thing will be my thoughts on what is going on, and if
any of you actually care and think that I'm going crazy or I'm
saying things that I shouldn't 'be saying', don't bother to try
and contact my organization, cause of two things (Sorry
mom/Dad, but I found this out just today): As long as I don't
get caught or break any obvious moral/legal laws, there ain't
much use investigating. Anyways, now, to what has been
going on my mind recently:

Just found out that this girl at school has been using me for a
popularity booster. She did a really good job of it, too, cause
she made sure that I didn't know she had a boyfriend, which
she has had since I have been here, made sure all of
my 'friends' didn't tell me, and kept on luring me on and off to
keep me guessing that she didn't have one. So there...gah.
I'm aggrivated. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for
romance...and that is almost impossible in this continent, as
all of the schools pretty much make all of the people into
cookie cut personas: at an early age, they make sure the boys
and girls look alike (according to gender), do the same things,
study the same subjects, with no intergration until the
highschool years. Thus, all of the girls hold the same things
true: looks, how many friends you have, and how much
money you have (which normally involves if you have money,
you will have the cash to look good, and if you look good, you
have lots of friends, and it can begin at any one point and
work around). So finding a unique person to get to know will
be rather hard. Maybe an old exchange student who went to
America? That would be nice. I met one girl who really has
been changed just from being in the States for a year, and I
would love to get to be her boyfriend, but as she has one
already, I have to look elsewhere (I'm sure I'll find someone,
though probably outside of my highschool).

Um...oh, the Kennedy clan has been ousted from Maryland (at
least visably), so I'm happy, and I'm really suprised that Bush
got his act together and won both houses. I've heard from
other people that now that all the conservitives have taken
every branch of government, all hell will break loose (abortion
being criminalized, mass executions, no gun control for
criminals, blah blah blah, etc), but I beg to differ (sorry, but
I've read alot of other people's journals and I haven't had the
opportunity to fully explain my views, and some people may
get offended at what I have to say): the convervatives in the
Court won't touch abortion, that's for sure. Taking away a
right that has already been given is very, VERY, hard to take
away, and if they do, history will frown upon them (they don't
want to be remembered as another Taney, now, do they?
[even though personally I think Taney is a pretty cool guy
when it came to the SC]); the death penalty will always be
here, as there is reason enough to keep the ones you can't fix
to just wipe out from the gene pool; and guns are just a part
of Americana, and I personally feel safer if the guy outside my
house doesn't know if I own a gun or not. Congress, while
held by the GOP, is just barely in control, and because parties
are not as ridged as in Europe, there is plenty of room for
defection with the possibility of re-election (the rhyming was
intentional). Also, the Dems tried to side-step the one major
thing on everyone's mind, which happens not to be health-
care (think about it for a moment). Finally, the Dems need a
serious leadership change. Sure, they chose some woman
from San Fransisco to head the party in the House, but
they're going to have to start to get on the bandwagon
of 'how are we going to defend this country' and all other sub-
topics of the sort.

Oh, war (yes, war, not possible war, but war) on Iraq: its
finally about time we finished what we started and left
unfinished. I just hope this time the new Bush realizes that
we can do some serious good in the region if we don't bungle
it and stop fighting before we get what we want (the 'we' is a
poetic plural, thank you). Yes, I do support a regime change,
though under the following conditions: Bush supports, trains,
arms, and supports the locals in bringing about a quasi-
revolution. Also, allowing the people there to vote for a new
leader, and for the US to keep tabs on him and keep him in
line (two things of note: A), I don't want another Sadam
sitting in power on alot of oil, and B) drilling in Alaska is
fruitless and should be saved as a military reserve, and I'd
prefer to pay for gas at under a dollar when I get back
stateside). Oh...and I've been reading alot of stuff about how
the world should 'denuclear' their arsenals for war, which I
am totally against. Personally, I'm very comforable having the
US government having bigger nukes so long as it keeps others
from firing at us. If we get rid of our big weapons, how do
we enforce others to get rid of theirs? Harsh language?
Unfortunately, while it is nice to be optimistic and say we can
live in a world without nuclear weapons, it will never happen
unless the entire world comes under one actual government,
not some cheesy-assed United Nations thing.

Anyways, that's all I gotta say on this issue right now. So
peace out, and respond if you got any comments. Though
don't flame: it aggrivates me.