The Shadow of Myself
2001-08-18 04:44:58 (UTC)

first day.. new place

Well.. today was my very first day at Miami. Yesterday was
really hard... b/c I had to say goodbye to everyone..
seeing them.. and knowing things were never going to be the
same after I left them. It was really weird.. and tough.
I cried.. it was so.. unexplainable.

So basically.. I got here today.. with all my stuff moved
in b/c I brought it all last saturday. Mom and dad left at
like 2:30.. so I took like a 2 hour nap. (hey I was tired
b/c I didn't go to bed until 2 and got up at like 6:30)
What I don't like most right now.. is the fact that I'm shy
in new situations. I'm in a completly new place.. and I
pretty much don't know anybody. It's hard for me to like
go up and introduce myself.. I don't know why.. but it is.
I just wish I could be the person that I am around everyone
that I know... I'm a dork.

Tomorrow we have to all get up early and do a bunch of
stupid stuff to like "mingle" or whatever. So hopefully I
can meet some people. Maybe I'll be outgoing tomorrow..
and be myself.. that would be a plus I think. I guess that
is all for my very first day of college life... whoa... haha