its my life
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2001-08-18 04:37:32 (UTC)

first day of diary

wow this is my first of many entries well lets see whats
been goin on with my life lately ive been with my gf for
about 3 months and had some rough stops like jealousy
distance trips the usual kinda thing. it sbeen great
though. ive done things that i never thought would have
happened to me in a million year. i love this girl is been
3 months and i feel in love with her after 4 days. it was
great. she was so beautiful that night of the quince i
couldnt resist. i tried to kiss her but she was shy. i
couldnt understand y. she had been in some bad
relationships aas have i. its all been a struggle for me. i
thought that it would all be ok after she and i clicked.i
am 16 by the way. im a mature 16 year old. i seem to think
that i can make a promise thatll effect the rest of my life.
its kinda wrong of me to think that but you know its all
worth it. it gave me a life lesson. dont jump into things
head first you have tess the waters. i love my little angel
girl but i need to have more time in our relationship to
make it easier. itll be ok. her b day is on mon but her
friends are taking her out for the night i have to park
somewhere else or else sheel see my car shell know its me
if i park too close. im giving her a ride home and well
have to see whatcomes from it. im goin to take her to the
beach and well sit and just look up at the stars. itll be
the perfect evening. i hope n e ways. o well i love her she
loves me itll be ok laters