Electric monkey
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2001-08-18 04:23:05 (UTC)

8-17-01 [a box of fun]

Doing nothing is the greatest thing ever! [hehe]for those
of you who know what im talking about. =P But too bad none
of the people that know what im talking about read this.
tonight was filled with both fun and excitment, as
our "group" ,minus jessica =(....
went to the union [5 minutes] sat out side the union [7
minutes] walked down kirkwood [9.37456 minutes] sat some
more [3 minutes] decided what we where going to do and
where [45 minutes] drove to bens house [6 minutes] stood in
templton parking lot [3 seconds and 2 minutes] drove to
grahams house [4 minutes] sat at grahams house singing and
playing music and mostly just laughing at david [2 1/2
hours] drove back to templton parking lot aka bens house [4
minutes] stood in parking lot and laughed some more [17
minutes] drove home [6.745 minutes].
now you know what im talking about. arnt you glad, probably
not, i wouldnt be either.
tomorrow is clothes shopping day. i bet you cant wait to
hear about that. ;) im going to the mall *gasp*, and if i
go to the mall i have to get something peirced, sooo, im
getting my ears peirced [again, again, again]. that'll be
5. woohoo. right after i get them peirced though im always
dizzy. oh well.
i painted a picture today. i was happy to get back to
painting, if i was ever at painting before. i enjoyed it
muchly. i wish i would paint more often. maybe i should.
i am now the offical editor in chief of this newspeper deal
or something. i got the job today. sure sounds exciting,
but it will be practice writing and layout and such for
my "journalism interests".
so thats basically it. so i should go so i can paint, draw,
or talk to someone. bye bye.