It smells like poop over here
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2002-11-18 06:46:33 (UTC)

headstrong to take on anyone,

i know that you are wrong, and this is not were you belong"
trapt "headstrong" i like it. i read about on jaya the
cat's msg board. it was probably some fuck in the band
trying to promote themselves. i woulda done the same thing.
doesn't matter though, i heard them on 101 the WRIF last
night, so they're getting some where.
i knew some people would take offense or just not like
my septum ring, but so far, only two people have said they
actually like it, rich and joe. dave didn't have much of an
opinion, laura doesn't like it, neither does: annie,
lauren, kit, rich's parents and i sure the list goes on.
nikki said it was sexy, but she hasn't actually seen me.
claudia is gonna be pissed. rich's mom told me to take it
out, because "it's not me". i suppose it's not. it's for
hardcore punkers n shit. i've just wanted to get it done. i
guess i could always take it out. but i just ordered a
retainer for it. but it's crooked, it's fucking crooked.
that pissed me right off. it's not bad, and you can only
tell when you look real close. but i know it's crooked, and
that pisses me off.
went to rich's for the PPV, survivor series 2002.
every title changed hands, well, every title that was
defended. oh yeah, digger doesn't like my ring either, he's
says i better take it out before his show, cause he's got
people from the fed coming and he won't have me looking
like...i dunno, i forgot what he said. i dunno, i might
just take it out to make everyone else happy, i can always
get it redone. must get a pic before i take it out.
still, i am in love with christina saady. mike (digger)
kept talking about her, and saying shit to rich, like if he
hooks him up with her, mike will put rich over in the
battle royal and over jay the cable guy (our buddy jay).
pissed me off, cause rich was like "ok, ill do my
best" "ill try" "ill take care of it" n shit like that.
mike kept saying that he was gonna be rich's brother in
law, and rich would be mike's kids step uncle. fuck that,
im rich's brother (practically), i should get to be his
brother in law. i love his sister, mike just wants to get
in her pants. dammit, i want her so fucking bad. id marry
her tomorrow if it was possible. shit, shoot me now.