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2001-08-18 03:57:00 (UTC)

what a day #2

uggg, i faught with a friend of mine over religion. i have
made a decision about my religion that i feel is right for
me. i do not believe in god. i have many reasons why.
#1: i think that it is hard to believe in something that i
cannot be sure even exists.
#2: i don't need to be a slave to some god to make myself
happy. i don't mean to sound like a bitch by saying that,
but i can find happiness within myself.
#3: I believe in doi yourself, to make yourself happy.
although i have not been very good at that in the past and
i have focused on pleasing everyone else but ,e, i still
think that it is better to do things to make yourself
happy. therefor, if you are a christian, and you are happy,
you are doing the right thing for yourself. i am not happy
as a christian, so i shouldn't be one.
#4: the bible is just a book of storied written by people a
wicked long time ago. fictional stories. i am strongly
against many things in the bible, such as the "gay bashing"
and that abortion is murder and all that
#5: there are way too many questions left unanswered in the
christian faith foir me to be able to believe in god.
maybe i am wrong about my decision, maybe i need my faith
renewed, but until then i am sure that the christian faith
is not for me. i find that you have to put your own psycal
and emotional self before anything else and do what is
right for you, i can't put god first, and i never have. god
had let me down no matter how hard i prayed for help
help never came.