The Diary of Rikki Alana
2001-08-18 03:53:06 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

Last night I went to Todd's house. At first, I totally was
not interested in him just because he's gotten with like 5
of my friends...which makes him somewhat unattractive. But
now, we spent all last night talking and hes like amazing!
He's just a genuinely great guy. And he makes me smile...I
don't know if he really just wants to hook up or if he
wants more like I do. I mean I have had my fair share of
guys that I have hooked up with, and since Fadi I haven't
been able to really get involved with anyone...but I think
he is totally boyfriend material, which is like crazy cool.
He is really cute and is so sweet...I can't believe he
would actually like anyone like Spalter...damn, she gave
him head 8 times in 2 weeks! That is for sure crazy! I
really want to talk to him but he is probably out with some
random chicks. He was also talking about Reisa today that
she likes him and stuff. He never actually said that he
liked her but I think he does...she looks like a potatoe,
ew. She is so uch. Well, whatever...Todd is all I can think
about today. So I am done for now.