My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-11-18 05:39:52 (UTC)

jackass! 11-17

Well today was ok i guess, i got up and watched the packer
game, which sucked!!!! stupid vikings omg i hate them sooo
much... but i like when the packers play em cuz brett favre
gets so fired up and thats why i like him lol hes intense
heh so yea then i went and saw my grandma... she was in a
good mood today, i hate seeing her in a nursing home but we
just cant take care of her at home anymore, her alzhiemers
is getting really bad, half the time she doesnt even
recognize me or my mom :( i know it hurts my mom a lot to
see her like that, cuz she loves her soooo much. then i
start to think am i gunna have to take care of my mom when
im older and how im gunna feel the exact same way my mom
does, i love my mom more then anything in the world and ill
do whatever it takes to take good care of her :) anywho,
yea so then brandon called and we chilled, got some grub
and went to see jackass, SOOO HILARIOUS!! omg seriously
that movie made me cry lol in this one part they were going
around in golf carts hitting shit like plastic animals and
tipping shit over and i couldnt stop laughin cuz it
reminded me of when me and my friends hit garbage cans
lmao! good times hehe yea so then i drove brandon home and
then came home hehe not a very exciting day! this week
should be better tho cuz im doin some fun stuff!!! lets
hope it works out nicely lol anywho its late and i need
sleep! peace out

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