Kenton Cohick

Insolent thoughts
2002-11-18 05:13:12 (UTC)

Weekend stuff

I had a relatively unexciting weekend. Friday night was
spent watching Harry Potter with Mike. It was okay. I
didn't think it was better than the first one, but that's
alright. Mike got into a car accident a while ago after
leaving my house. It was a little snowy out, and he slid on
a corner and hit a parked car. He says that he was going 40
(km/h), and that a group of children ran out in front of
the car. Yahuh. Mike wouldn't go 40 if his life depended on
it. My guess is that he took the corner at 70 or so and
just hit the car. He lies more than anybody I've ever seen.

Saturday was a little more interesting. I went bowling with
Felice, Danielle, Mike, Jeff, Antoine, and three strange
girls. Antoine, Jeff and I smoked a little of the cheeb
before we played, so I don't really remember my scores. I
remember that this was the first time I really talked to
Felice's girlfriend (Danielle) though. I can tell why
they're together. They're so much alike it hurts my head.
And Danielle is a really cool chick, so everything seems to
be fine on that frontier.

I'm sort of out of things to say. I got 95 on my physics
exam, but I only got 49 on my math exam on Friday, and I
wish those could balance each other out, but they don't. I
really need a good mark in math or I'm screwed.

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