I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-11-18 05:10:46 (UTC)

Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

Name that tune!

Hiya. What's up? It's chilly here. I love it! I brought
home 8lbs of honey from work today. Interesting. It was
going to be thrown away. See, there is a huge barrel of
honey that you can open to fill up any container that you
wish. Someone filled up the largest jar that we have, got
to the checkout and then changed their mind. It would be
wasted if I hadn't taken it. Good thing I like honey.

I was watching a mini series made for ABC last night. It
was called The 10th Kingdom. It was about a dimension
where all the people from the fairytales lived.
Cinderella, Snow White, Red Ridinghood, Little Bo Peep,
and all the others lived in one of 9 kingdoms. It was
really interesting. There was a really good plot, and
there were plenty of ideas and subplots for kids, but
there was also sexual innuendo and dark humor that adults
get. It got me to thinking about how much I love
fairytales. How I believe in magic and true love and
happily ever after. How strength of character, luck, and
love led to people doing and surviving amazing things. How
women were portrayed as strong, but also helpless. And
that was part of their appeal. If you get a chance (and
have almost 4 hours to kill) rent it.

I was going to finish this entry with books that I love,
but I'm too tired. So there.