Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-18 03:28:36 (UTC)

Kids these days....

Well, today was my first day of work at the day care:) hehe
I have to admit, it was not as hard as I had imagined! I
was seriously expecting there to be kids runnin around
screamin and like..jumpin on each other and tearin down
stuff, but that was not the situation at all! To my
surprise, these were pretty well-behaved kids, and they
actually knew how to listen and follow instructions. I
enjoyed it a lot.
I started thinkin today about how weird it was that all of
my friends are in college now. It's unreal...seriously.
Last night, Tess, Lorri and I were jokin about the fact
that now, whenever someone mentions a particular college, I
can be like "Oh, yeah, I have a lot of friends that go to
Ohio State." Or, "Miami? I have a few friends that go
there..." It's so crazy!! I was also thinkin today about
all the different trips I'm gonna be makin this year. I
have the fall retreat in Sept., then sometime in the fall
I'm going to go to Morehead, Ohio State (football game of
course),Freed, Faulkner. Then in the winter you have
Winterfest, our youth rally (tenative), and of course...our
trip to Dayton! haha Then after the first of the year, I
hope to go to Miami, Harding, Dayton (by myself..hehehe),
and maybe even OC! I dunno how that would work out,
transportation wise that is, but I do know that surely Matt
could show me around...maybe? haha:) I dunno if he'd want
to, but maybe if I'm nice!
On yeah, one more quick little thing here...honestly, I
wish it would've been easy for me to make a college
choice...cause I'm really wishin I coulda gone this year,
but shhh...do'nt tell my mom!! hahaha:)