A Day in the Life of Me!
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2001-08-18 03:14:51 (UTC)

My first entry

Hello everyone. I used to have a diary on
MyDearDiary.com, but that site is stealing everything i
write in that journal, so I decided to start a new one.
Let me start out with what is up today. I have been
talking to this guy on the net. He is from my town, and we
were gonna go out. However, every night this week he has
been BEGGING me to sneak out of the house to go meet him and
do god knows what. I tell him no, that I would rather keep
the skin on my ass than sneak out. So, finally, my mother
says he can come to the house today, and I am so excited. i
call him up and all he can say is "i dunno." needless to
say, I'm pissed!
So, what i gather is that since i wouldn't sneak out of
the house to come see him, he's gonna turn around and be a
pansy-ass and not come see me. what the fuck ever. I have
enough drama going on in my life to have a boyfriend playin
head games with me.
Anyway, I'm so tired of going through shit with men. It's
just NOT worth it. If i find a good one, then so be it, but
I'm no longer in search. Screw it!
Well, now that I got that out, I'm gonna end this diary
before my head explodes.

Ciao Bellas,