Luke's Poetic Interview
2002-11-18 04:10:59 (UTC)

trip to the future

we sat among billboards from a billion years past
in this crazy place the time travels fast
at first i thought myself in ancient greece
on a quest of sorts for a golden fleece

but the rocks took on colors as i'd never seen
and the tree roots grew before my eyes
and the sky pulsated its mobius rhythm
'til the world was torn from beneath its disguise

we looped round and round to the top again
and into the future we soared solar winds
albeit confusing, we both understood
this was the future, and the future was good

now that the neo-humans were gone
the earth could be free to breathe and to shine
and the crystal sky sang a song of wonder
and the trees listened and thought the song fine

as we rode the purple horizon home
and returned to our twinkies and telephones
the sun sank into the mountainside
and for all i had seen, i felt alive