A Dreamer's Playground
2001-08-18 02:28:49 (UTC)

A Step Down From Ecstacy

Wow...a perfect day, complete with a next to perfect
First of all, for the first time in the longest I can
remember, I actually got to get out of this house. Not
only did I just get out, but I actually got to spend the
day with my mother and sister. To for once feel accepted
and as if they cared.
Sure there were moments when my nephew became a
handfull or fussy, but all I had to do was carry him for a
while and he was fine.
At eight and a half months, he is beyond adorable
right now. Of course, like any child though, when he
starts crying and doesn't stop...well then his cuteness
dims...but I still love him.
Even when we got home, I still felt loved. I counted
out m & m's for our family picnic on Saturday, then my
sister asked me if I wanted to jump on our trampoline with
her. It amazed me, but it also made me happy.
Well...after watching a movie, my sister left with her
boyfriend...which was kind of a down point in my day, but I
then went to sleep because I was awake all night long and
through the day.
I had hoped to wake up at least at eleven o'clock to
see my boyfriend online, but I didn't wake up until two
thirty am. (He was still on) :)
We talked for a while, then a little before five am,
he called me...we had some "fun" (no i don't care to
elaborate on that *grins).
There was only one thing that could have made it
better at all...only one thing could possibly perfect my
day...and my night...if I had Tony lying next to me with
his arm over me afterwards. Just relaxing, in total
ecstacy in his arms.