Sunny Rain
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2001-08-18 02:24:55 (UTC)

Confused about Friends

Today I was at school (Summer Art School) and my best
friend tried to make out with me. She is a girl and she is
bi, but she knows that I'm straight. I am not interested in
girls, and even if I was, I would definately not make out
with my best friend. It would be too awquard. Well, anyway,
before she kissed me she asked me if anything would come
between our friendship. And I said no. But truthfully,
kissing would definately come between our friendship. You
don't make out with your bestfriend, especially if they are
of gender that you are not attracted to sexually. Is this
wrong of me? I think she's trying to make me go insane. I'm
very attracted to boys, and I havent had a boyfriend in 4
months. The last boyfriend I had lasted me a year and a
half. In the past three months I havent really had a hook
up or a cuddle, so I'm lonely, and that situation with my
friend made it worse! I need a man.