2001-02-01 05:09:34 (UTC)

the ball is not bouncing..

the ball is not bouncing because i am in control of it..
and i have made you think it is stuck but hey you know
what. your life is biased so lets see. i am the wrong one.
yea. but i have acknowledged that. i am still a measely
newborn.. or am i still in the womb. i do not know..
because i am still a measley.. well i am still not aware of
life and i know but then i dont and i do and i dont again
over and over i know but dont and i confuse thee but all
the time i am aware as you. you are aware but are you
listening listening to me and to the words i am saying. are
you looking into my eyes? are you seeing my mouth move?
what's the problem? well i guess you need to do some work
on those things.. but i guess like always you'll see no
evil hear no evil speak no evil.. for i am not evil. but
you must think so cuz you are unaware