Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-11-18 02:40:06 (UTC)

i used to be the looser

when i was younger i was the biggest looser in the worl,
i'm not even jokeing. i was ugly, fatter, and i did'nt
really have any friends. no one liked me, no one ever
wanted to talk to me. i realized how much i hated myself,
and i realized wat i looser i was, so i changed almost
evorything about myself. i changed my appearance, and my
attitude. and when a guy wants to go out with me or get
with me i just cant say no, becuase i still feel like
evoryone hates me, so then i feel that theyve got to like
something about me. and then when people tell me hoe pretty
and georgiouse i look i'm, just like :no i'm really not". i
cant help it, it's set into my mind that i am ugly, and
evoryone really hates me. and now that my best friend is
closer to nolan than I am, i just feel so fucking
thretened. i know i'm going to loose him, i think he likes
her so much more than me, and theres nothing i can do about
myslf. i just look at girls that are so much prettier than
me, and i look in the mirror and i see all the things i
hate about my boday. and i hate myself for it, it's drives
me mad. people tell me that i'm so pretty, but them why
dont i feel pretty? i have so many friends, but then i feel
like they hate me, and i dont know why. all of this makes
me just hate myself even more, nkowing how i feel about

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