My Life
2001-08-18 01:50:50 (UTC)

Great America

Today I went to Great America - Six Flag with my dad,
Stephanie, Jenna, and Matt. It was pretty fun. Me and
Jenna were chickens and they only rides we went on were
Demon, Trail Blazer, and the River Rocker. The Demon is an
actual rollercoaster and it has a semi-big drop at the
begining, cork screws, and two loops. The Trail Blazer and
River Rocker were more like Circus rides. I am such a
wuss, lol.
When we came home we watched House on Haunted Hill, which
was definitley not as scary as it was the first time
around. Be also rented Blair Witch 2 - Book of Shadows
which we are going to watch tomorrow. I'm lookin' forward
to that...
Right now Dad, Stephanie, and Jenna are watching the
Wedding Planner, which I have seen and is also a good movie.
G2G call Justine now, see ya!