worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-08-18 01:25:09 (UTC)

New Apartment

This is day two for me alone in my new apartment. I am
just a stranger in a strange land. Much of what fills the
space is new. Thus a great deal of my time has been spent
fantasizing about ways to incorporate my new things into my
still new bdsm relationship. It's the little things that
catch my eye. Like this set of long plastic stirring
spoons. I discovered they provide a harsh sting when used
as a whip and could be tied tight into my mouth with a
scarf behind my head. Like this one would work much like a
horse-bit, creating a very uncomfortable gag that makes me
drool. Thus painful and degrading. I also have a low
wooden coffee table that I could be made to lie on, or even
under (just to be humiliating). I could tie my ankles to
the legs of the wide end of the table, thus spreading
myself wide open while I perform other sorts of torments
for my unending misbehaviors. I could tie my right arm to
the table while lying on it and be made to masturbate with
my less skillful left hand. The floors are all hardwood
making it most painful to kneel and crawl. Even lying on
it creates a very erotic feeling. I have ample closet
space in which I could suspend myself from clothing racks
or kneel before a full length mirror in humiliating poses
with humiliating phrases written over my body. Being alone
allows me to sleep nude, partially tied up, or with objects
inserted into me. I have been ordered to save my urine for
what will no doubt be a long and messy golden shower/bath.
The broom I have is made of several long metal rods that
can be disconnected and used to clamp my tits between. I
have a new bathroom that should be scrubbed thoroughly,
perhaps with a toothbrush. I also imagine chatting with
SIR while having to drink multiple glasses of water and not
being allowed to excuse myself to the bathroom. I bought
several new candles that can be used as dildos or to drip
hot wax on my body. I could try paddling myself with my
new spatchula. I could lie in my bathtub with my legs
raised along one of the walls until my butt was high off
the tub and forced to piss so that it ran down my stomach
and breasts. I could tie my legs to the desk chair and
wrists to the arm rests while online, not permitted to
release myself until SIR logs off. As my apartment has
doors such that I could do laps through the rooms I could
drag weights from my nipple clamps as I crawl around it.
There are many possiblities and I am eager to explore them