of little importance
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2002-11-18 02:15:58 (UTC)

just leave me alone

stop judging me

i walked into your house and i never had a chance. i would
never be good enough, i would never be accepted, and i
would always be guilty of anything you thought i might have
done. why do you look for the bad in people and not the
good? when you look for the bad you see things that aren't
even there at all. and you miss the good. if you would
look for the good, you'd see reality.

why can't you just give me a chance?

i didn't mean to get you into trouble. and i know you say
that you don't care but i do and that's what matters right
now. i'm mad, that's all.

i'm not worried!


streaming down
no one sees them
and i ignore them
but they burn
more than visible ones
for they can't be wiped away
aching so much
to be erased