The days of my life
2001-08-18 00:30:59 (UTC)

an ok day

well, let's see. I went to work today, I officially have
only five hours of work left till I no longer work there.
It is kind of sad cause I have a lot of friends there. I am
going to miss a lot of people. The goodbyes have already
started, but I am going on to a better position with the
company. That is exciting and keeps me going. Me store
trainer, too cool. I also called and made an appointment
with a therapist today. One nice thing about working for
Scott's free therapy. I hope that it helps, I am nervous
about it, yet kind of excited all at the same time. I will
keep you posted on how it all goes. My mental health is
already feeling better, but I think that I should still go.
I don't know what we will talk about, but it will be great.
Anyway, I am just waiting for Dave to get done in the bath
and then we are going to go bowling with our friends.
should be a good time. I really miss them a lot. I haven't
seen them in quite a while. well, I guess that is it for
today. till tomorrow, Erin