Kat Eyes
2002-11-18 01:02:16 (UTC)

november 11, 2002

not too much has been happening. i tried to post the rest
of my diary entries online last night, but the damn floopy
drive wasn't working. every disk i put it it'd come up with
an error message. so i juust stopped trying to make it
work. dad's going to vegas this weekend and i'm with
grandma and grandpa, and they're going up to gary and
lisa's on sunday (hopfully) so while they're gone i'll try
to make it work. i seriously considered telling jesse that
my diary is public, but i didn't. but i din make it
public..i just didn't tell him. i was going to, but i
didn't. theres too much in it about him that he won't be
exactly happy with. i deleted an entry, but when i read
others i just figurd "theres no way i'm butchering up my
diary so someone can read it"if he finds it, props to him.
its his fault if he reads this of what he finds. i went out
and bought christna aguileras cd today. its ok. i'm gonna
go b/c i cant get coomfortable typing