Kat Eyes
2002-11-18 01:00:12 (UTC)

november 8, 2002

this week has been insane! try-outs have been ok...up until
thursday. thursday was HELL. we ran laps, did monsters,
etc. we did chest passes for what felt like 20 minutes. and
that was the try out that winter wasn't there for. she
didn't make it. coach blackshere asked her if she wanted to
be a manager on tuesday. i felt so bad for her. she said it
wasn't a big deal, but i could tell that it was.i guess her
dad was supposed to play for the lakers, but her hurt
himself somehow and he didn't end up playing. so the
pressure to try out came from her dad mostly ( i think) and
she feels crushed) i really wanted her to play too.3 of us
are moving on, 3 of us were asked to be a manager. i didn't
have to work after school at all. just tomorrow, from like
8:30 to some time in the afternoon. and jordan and i are
going to see "sweet home alabama" tomorrow night. i talked
to him on the phone tonight, and he apparently does like
me, but at school it doesn't seem like it. he sends wierd
signals. hes the one guy i can't read. when i told winter
this, she told me that that means he's the right guy for
me. its akward on the phone though....lots of silence. alot
of other stuff happened this week, but because its so late
i don't want to wake up grandma and grandpa with my typing.
so more probably tomorrow.