Kat Eyes
2002-11-18 00:58:34 (UTC)

october 31, 2002

not too much happening here. today was halloween. i went
in my angel get-up. wilted blue flower/orchid halo and all.
the wings were pretty annoying though. not a lot of people
dresed up this year, but those that did were really funny.
like bryan (hillberg). he was an old man. he wore all these
old clothes and he stuffed his butt with pillows. he has
make up on and everything. it was great. i got a bunch of
pictures for my site. i don't know when i'll be able to pot
them. i think i'll have to burn all the pictures on a disk
and up-date them at the library. after school probably
also. but everything was ok other than that. we were pretty
busy at work. the santa anita thing is almost done. the
shop is FULL of arrangements. you don't know...we're lucky
we can walk throughout the store without stepping on them.
but the arrangements look pretty cool. very pretty, even if
theres plastic race horses on them. and theres 2 weddings
this weekend. bridgette and i were working today. and we
work tomorrow too. we were SO wied on candy today! and
margit and the ladies had a box of candy in the shop, and a
box of cookis with orange sprinkles. and they're
like "oh..help yourselves" and the entire batch of candy in
the pumpkin was chocolate. and marie and i had run around
the school at 7 that morning, trick or treating at
classrooms. hey...its ghetto, but we got good amounts of
candy doing it. and i didn't have breakfast, or hot cocoa
like i normally do, b/c i figured it'd take me to long to
get ready and have hot cocoa at the same time. so i had
candy for breakfast. a bag of really REALLY cheesy chips at
snack, and a cheeseburger from tom's after school. and
bridgette was REALLY hyper from all the crap she ate
earlier that day so we were both on sugar highs.it was
crazy. i think margit and the ladies were secretly laughing
at what losers we are. i've decided to ask jordan to see a
movie with me saturday night. i want to ask him really
bad..i figured i might as well do it now. if he says no,
then oh well. well, i'm gonna gte going. this is the first
night in a long time that i haven't really had any
homework. i did have an essay for ceramics, but i finished
that pretty fast. so i'm gonna take a hot shower and go to
bed. more tomorrow.

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