Kat Eyes
2002-11-18 00:56:33 (UTC)

october 29, 2002

i know the posting date on this is wrong, but since my
computer is up and working in my bedroom, and grandma and
grandpa have put restrictions on my internet usage, i'm
typing allmy diary entries on here. and this way, no one
will "accidently" stumble on them. and i'll just transfer
them noto a floppy and post them when grandma and grandpa
go out to dinner, or when i get lucky and get online. well
anyways...a lot has been happening since my last entry.
homecoming was ABLAST! i had so much fun. and i'm kinda
glad bryan didn't go with me. actually, alot of my friends
that went didn't have dates...and we all had a blast. the
only one w/ a date was winter, and at first she was telling
me that she had a horrible time, but today she admitted
that she did have fun, despite the fact that michael
(goode) was being a complete and utter mopey ass half the
night and ruining winte'rs evening. i mean, winter DID ask
michael to go with her, but she laid down the fact that
they were going as friends and not as a date. this means
that winter has to bring michael to homecoming. this
doesn't mean she has to entertain him and be at his becon
call, which i think is what he expected. but i had a blast.
yukari, marie, jan, winter, nikki, blake, courtney, alicia,
graham, jessica, autumn (winter's sister), and tori were
there. and thats just a small handful of the people i knew.
this was my first really formal dance, and it was awesome.
at first, not a lot of tickets were sold. but i guess the
last 2 days, a bunch of people bought tickets. there were
about 450 people there. probably a few more. it was at the
holiday inn, and it was really nice. they have tables of
food set up sparkling apple stuff on each table, and of
course water. at first (about 10 to 9) a lot of poeople
were supposidly there, but when i got there no one was
dancing. so i guess the early people started eating instead
of dancing. but around 10 the floor was packed. i mean you
could not move. if you were dancing in the center of
thefloor, you were probablythere all night long. luckily
winter snagged a table right next to the dance floor, right
by the water table, and 2 steps away from the dance floor.
so we danced on the outer edge of the floor. everyone was
stepping on my dress, and vise-versa, so all of us took off
our shoes and danced barefoot. i took my shoes off about 20
minutes into the dance, and put them on about 20 min.
before we left. it was actually very comfortable.what
wasn't comfortable was the fat that i couldn't wear a bra
with my dress, so i had no where to put money. so i had to
paper clip 10 bucks in my dress. the damn paper clips kept
digging into my side. not comfortable. but there were times
that i didn't even notice it. about half way through the
night, marie and i were dancing to some song. and she saw
nick (wright). my back was to him, so i didn't see him
atfirst. i guess he was talking w/ a group of guy friends
or whatever. marie's like "get nick!" so i walked over,
grabbed his arm w/o explanation and dragged him over to
marie. as soon as she saw that i retrieved him, she started
dancing on him. i think you know what i mean when i
say "dancing on him". well i started dancing again, and i
could care less that nick was my ex boyfriend and my best
friend was grinding on him. seriously. i didn't care. as
far as i'm concerned...she can have him. then all of the
sudden one of nick's friends walks over to see what nick's
doing and nick grabbed his friend and stuck him right
behind me and was like "dance w/ him kat!" i felt like such
a spaz. so did nick's friend. no...not a spaz. more like
puton the spot. i've never seen this guy and he has no clue
who i am. so hes just kinda standing there, while i'm
dancing and hes kinda moving to the beat. you know...how
regular guys dance. well marie's like "kat put his hands on
your hips and put it on him!!!!!" she said it SO loud i'd
swear the dj heard her. so she'd stop embarresing me, i did
it. finally, this guy was following my rythm. i felt like
such an idiot. i'm white. marie is black. its an unwritten
fact that blakc people have more rythm than white people
do. so here i am...w/ my ex's random friend's hands 2
inches from my ass, andi'm trying to dance like my friend,
whose got more rythm in her pinky than i have in my entire
lower body. nick kept sending these looks to this guy. i
felt like such a moron, i was just staring at the floor
praying it'd be over. but i saw nick sendig looks. and i
saw marie shooting looks at me. marie's "gurl wtf are you
doing" looks. yea, 1 of those. as soon as the song changed
i bolted for the bathroom. i can't believe marie did that
to me! i thought i as goingto die. but when i finally
gathered what was left of my pride i went back in there and
talked to marie. marie was telling me that the looks nick
was shooting his friend, were pleased looks (from marie's
dancing...not what a retard i looked like) and that his
friend didn't seem to be complaingin about my dancing.
or...to put it in simpler terms, he didn't think i was a
white spaztic loser w/o rythm. and that we needed to work
on my rythm. but i didn' care about the last comment. as
long as this guy didn't think i'm this white preppy
sophomore who thinks she can dance black but really can't,
i didn't care. i mean...this guyis rally cute. and if hes
got the balls to dance w/ me w/o knowing me, then hes the
bravest guy i the world in my book.i kept thinking about it
all night though. twords the end, i wen searching for him,
figuriong that i owed him a dance, to make up for my shitty
dance earlier. but i couldn't find him. i was bummed. but
then about the 5th time i circled the room, and 15 min
before the dance was over, i found him. set in a corner
dancing w/ a bunch of, probably, freshman friends. i hung
around that area until the slow dance came on. all the
people around him split into pairs as soon as the song came
on. and it was almost like a clear path for me. i gathered
up what was left of my dignity and tapped him on the
shoulder. he looked at me, and immediatly recognized me. i
said.."hey, remember me?" and i was either about to say or
was in the process of saying"you wanna dance?" but he just
kinda just took me in his arms for the dance. we didn't say
much. i don't know why, but i talk during slo dances. maybe
b/c i see it on TV or something, i don't know. its a habit.
but i said "i don't even know your name" and he told me.
and some more info about him. his name is jordan kittleson.
(wierd name...who cares...hes nice) hes a freshman, and he
came from clifton. and hes a friend of nicks wrights, which
is kind of a bad thing in my book. but w/e...he's gotta put
up w/ him..not me. and most of the dance we were silent. i
would have paid a lot of moeny to get inside his head and
find out what he was thinking. he smells really good. not
like cologne, its just a clean smel. like soap. hes one of
the few guys who can dance all night, and not be
disgustingly smelly. (a plus..and rare find) the song
started to fade off and i let go of him and started to walk
away. but for some reason the song was still going. he was
like "well you don't wanna dance anymore?" or something
like that. i felt like a spaz, again, but as soon as we
started dancing again, the song really ended and all the
lights flicked on. everyone was kind of oblivious,
like "woa...a new concept...light!" it was almost like
evreyone had been lost in a different world. so we both
stepped back and i said something like "see you around
school" or something like that and hes like yea, and we
both parted ways. that was it. wierd ending, i know, but
its what happened. and that was homecoming. now..the
infamous halloween party.
i had to work saturday, to cover for bidgette, b/c she
had some "really important school project" to finish, so i
covered for her from 12:30 until 4:00. margit was only at
the shop once, even though we were swamped. maria went to
san francisco to visit her boyfriend, and it was just
lisette and i. santa anita race track is having some huge
party, and they've ordered 250 centerpieces for the event.
well we just started greening saturday. and their delivery
date is friday. (this friday) and lisette had some extra
stuff o finish, and i couldn't really do a lot. i can't
work the register or take orders, even though i know how.
i'm afraid i'll blow up the register or screw up someones
order. well lisette and i were talking and i told her about
this party, and how i was going to be an angel. i asked her
if she'd be able to make me something. like a halo. she
ended up making a gorgeous orchid halo for me with blue
flowers in it. she said they do make freebies for
themselves, but not often. and she wasn't sure how margit
would feel about it, so we snuck it. it was really
funny...we didn't think margit would be back, but she did
come back. and we couldn't figure out how to sneak it out.
it was pretty funny. well, its late and i'm tired so i'm
going to sleep. i'll write the remains tomorrow.

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