One hell of a life
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2002-11-18 00:40:26 (UTC)

11-18-02 entry sixteen

Okay. This weekend was fun. It's just the small things that
make it great, such as when i was popping a candy into
Nik's mouth and it fell out so we were fumbling around and
laughing. Or when I leant over to get something that fell
on the floor and he grabbed onto my legs and pushed me
down. That was funny...or even just when he leant his legs
on mine and I felt a sort of tingle. I mean haha this
weekend was fun. I stayed over at lois's on saturday night.
When I got there she was just at the gate, so i opened the
door to megan and anna's room where Nik was staying and
bumped into him. Man has he got a bod! He laughed and
followed me to her room. Then she came in dressed in a
purple dressing gown which she claimed to be her
new "jacket". Haha...Nik came in and we all messed around
for AGES...we were supposed to go to The Bund to eat, but
instead stayed home, and Lois, Nik, Anna (her little
sister) and I went to City Shopping to buy some chocolate
and root beer. We came home, and went back up to lois's
room. Nik and I crept under the covers propped up on all
the cushions. Lois kept sticking her feet in between us to
seperate us! She is so adorably funny. She was wearing
these long black stockings to keep her feet warm. We looked
at a few funny pics, and we laughed a lot,( a LOT!) then
Nik and I sorta got tired and closed our eyes, lying in
bed. Lois, on the opposite end, kept telling us to wake up.
It was hilarious when Anna brought up these melted
marshmallows, and we were all eating it off the stick and
Nik got it all over his face, then mushed it into lois's
ear and hair, then Anna took it and mushed it in my face
and nose! Anyway...then we washed it off and lit Lois's
candles, and sat in the flickering room telling scary
stories and laughing our asses off.
The next day we woke up and played a (REAL short) game of
Monopoly with all the kids. First I wasn't gonna play but
then Nik said, "I'm playing and so are you" so I was
dragged downstairs. Not literally. Later we went to the
hairdressers, to get our hair washed and stuff. I had to
keep translating between Nik and the hairdressers, and Joel
and Josh. When the boys were all done, we walked home,
leaving Lois, Anna, her dad and Nik's dad to finish their
hair. Nik had Joel on his back, and I had Josh, and we kept
chasing each other and getting Josh and Joel to kick us. That
was kinda funny. So later we went to Church, and watched
Nik play the drums. He is amazing, I mean he was so, SO
good. I was really surprised. Then afterwards he got
embarassed when I told him and he said, "you don't have to
lie". I told him i wasn't, and asked why he didn't think he
was good! Then he asked for a sweet. (He was holding Josh,
so I popped a candy in his mouth) and it fell out and we
laughed, and this little girl came over and said, "he's
YOUR boyfriend!" and asked for one. We took
Lois's family van to Carrefour, Joel kept asking to sit on
Nik's lap when Josh fell asleep, and Megan and Lois were
making faces to other car drivers. I can't believe I didn't
notice Anna was gone. We got to Carrefour and went to
McDonald's, eating our dinners. Nik kept kicking (not hard)
under the table so I kicked him back. Afterwards we realised
we'd forgotten Anna at church!!
OMG. So anyway, Megan and Nik's dad went to church, Lois's
dad went home and her mom went shopping, so Lois had to
take the rest home. I had to go home but I was pretty
sad...Nik was going tomorrow. When I had to go I said to
Nik, "Well aren't ya going to hug me!" and he said,
"yeah of course" and so we hugged. He sorta held me
SO fucking tight it hurt! anyway he said, "I'll see you
next year when I come back!" and i replied, "you'd better,"
and left. He was alright. He was nice, that's what. Lois
says he's just her good friend...maybe he is, but I don't
believe her. I can bet for sure if he asked her out she
would say yes! She told me ages ago he is like a majorly
gorgeous english guy...well he wasn't THAT gorgeous...I
mean, he was okay.
I hope Lois and that lot have found Anna, cause Lo hasn't
come to school today.