2001-02-01 05:05:18 (UTC)

the schools in which i pass the..

the schools in which i pass the schools in which i have and
am attending. the place in which my mind is being examined
and re-examined and examined and tested and contorted to
this PROGRAM of knowledge in which i am supposed to prosper
with. they have no idea on what's going on in this head.
i've tricked you.. hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha now what
does that make of you? are you so great. you missed me. o
no. what will you do now. for i have got the key and i'm at
the safe. you can not stop me. i am at the safe and you are
at home about hhmmmmm lets see and thats not going to stop
me. my power is being used. and i know my place. a place
for me is right there at the top. i know you i know you you
don't know me. hahahahahhahaha now who is the fool ... not
this program.. i guess the virus got there too quick!