a life of a boy
2001-08-17 23:32:32 (UTC)


i went to flordia the the 6th till the 13th with my mom
step dad and sisters and there two friends and my girld
friend. i love my girld friend so much. she makes me feel
so good. we are planning on having a kid. i hope i am able
to do so. if any body has any ideas on when it is best
could u let me no. thanks,but any way flordia was really
kool. my mom let me and my girl friend sleep together. we
got caught doing the dirty by mom sister and her friend.
that was imbarrising. but my mom knows we are having sex so
it doesn't matter. i love my girld friend. i just am not a
touchy feely guy. i hate to me touch. and my girld friend
gets mad. well it runs in my family no one likes to be
touched at all. i feel like when i tell my girld friend i
love her that she don't believe me. she always says that oh
u mean you love your other girl friend. i mean what is up
with that. why doesnt she trust me. it is some what like a
turn off. i hate that. well oh well.

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