a day in the mind of a drama queen
2001-08-17 23:28:34 (UTC)

the power of goodbye

i stayed at "the city" today and yesterday. the room we
stayed at was gorgeous... i was kinda, dazed. i was
thinking about jon the WHOLE time. i stayed in the
fanicest hotel iove ever been in and i was soooooo horny
thinking about jon. glass shower, HUGE bed, hot tub, and
hey, if all fails, the carpet was very nice. hehe. it was
wonderful thinking of him, but i realize now, that would
never happen. he doesnt like me like that nemore. ohhhh
id do NETHING for just one more kiss. ohh, one more kiss.
but it will never come.
theres this guy at The Freeze (local ice cream shop
thing) named Dan. today im gonna talk to him for the 1st
time. it sure as hell took me a while. its been atleast a
month if not 2. im supposed to be getting ready, ill share
how everything went tomorrow.