"The Day Maggie Blew Off Her Head"
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2001-08-17 23:03:31 (UTC)

So Many Matts!!

"Okay kiddies! Settle down! We have a lot to learn today!"
"That's right! Now where are we in the alphabet for the
Mentally Neurotic and Illiterate Child Psychopath?"
"That's right kiddies..."

Matt... the name is EVERYWHERE!!!
I even have a brother named Matt!! But there's only one
Matt I'm focused on right now. He lives down in AL and I
haven't seen him online for a really long time. Neither
have my friends... My first thoughts were "Is he
okay!?!" "Is he dead?" "Is he alive!"

So typical of me to think the worst first. He's probably
just on vacation or working more at camp or taking a break
or crossed over to the other side...

Something else I noticed is that a lot people out there
have a friend named Megan. I even have a friend named
Megan! Megan and Matt and Mike. I see those names
everywhere lately... I swear it's a conspiracy... The M
names *shudders* yeeeesh

Another M- School starts on Monday... YAY! Boo... what the
flip does anyone care... school is just school.

Students= A pupil; One being taught.(translation: Robots.)

My teachers seem okay but I'm not thrilled. I'm a
freeloader tho- so school is hardly ever thrilling. Oh
well. Maybe the musical will be worth trying out for this
*coughgaghackcough* Ahem!

"So what did we learn today kiddies?"
"Very good..."

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