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2002-11-17 22:49:54 (UTC)

November 17, 2002 2:43PM (Sunday)

I still haven't posted the notes for the last day that
Keith Hudson was here, but don't worry I will...... soon.
Anyways, he's coming again on the 24th. I'm so glad he is
because he is such an awesome man of God. Well, Ryan came
to church today and got saved. I'm so glad. I just brought
him to church because I didn't want to go by myself. I
didn't know that God was going to save him. I defintely
didn't realize that he would be so receptive. I think it's
so awesome. I let J.T. read my dreams, the ones I posted
here the other day, and he said that it's spiritual
warfare. He said that he thinks I need to find another
place to live because of what's going on in my house. So,
he told me to let Pastor Jose read my dreams. After church
I gave them to Pastor Jose and told him not to let anyone
read them. He said he wouldn't. Hopefully by tonight he'll
have already read them and I can get them back. I don't
want them falling in to the wrong people's hands if you
know what I mean. Has anyone that's been reading my diary
had any ideas of what my dreams could mean? If not it's
kewl. I'm gonna get going now though. I'll come back later
to type about what happens tonight at church. I'm pretty
sure Pastor Jose will know what my dreams are all about.
From: Me.