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Hacking Dade's life
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2002-11-17 22:49:15 (UTC)

Lucky fifteen!

Well, I got my number fifteen speeding ticket. Shit, It isn't
something I really want to be proud of, But I guess at this
point I have to be, Because it is still legal for me to drive
in this state. This couldn't have come at a worse time
though, I can't afford the ticket, the COP was nice though,
he made the ticket cheeper than it would have been, so he
made it $110, after I get done with court fees. I have to
goto court so I can keep it off my record. Thats how come it
is still legal for me to drive. I guess I'll just order one
of my many ripped-up Credit Cards and charge it on that
untill I get a new job. I was doing 73 in a 55 he siad, It
was really a fifty, But I told him I knew I was going about
65mph, so I think he was nice to me because, I didn't lie.
Cops don't like it when you lie. I guess it is something they
get a lot. so someone who can fess up to the crime is more
enjoyable to them. Becareful though, many times they really
don't have you on the radar gun, and they just try to get you
to admit you where speeding.

Well, I started at the theatre, My 1st day wasn't bad. The
Familiar face of Dominic and Melissa made life easy. And the
Republican from Taxas isn't a bad kid, but just needs a
direction. His name is Dorian, And Im not sure where he is
from. I mean I know Texas, but I don't think he was born here
in the states. Sam is a funny guy, a little to proud about
his family's involvement with the Nazi's. And none of them
really like my hippie views, But, Who cares right? We
shouldn't have to many problems. The job is easy, But, I
guess dominic was letting me do more work than I had to. I
don't know, we never cleaned the theatre at Burnville II. So,
all this stuff is new to me.

Mixon and Crystal are on their way back. They will be back
for thanksgiving. I don't know if me and Mixon will be
friends or not when he gets back. I won't take any shit from
him or john. But, I don't imagine they will have to much to
say to me.

I learned that Johnny B. And Derek played a show a few weeks
ago at the quest. I guess they are doing good then. I can't
imagine them really playing a show. To bad I missed it. I've
watched them practice about a million times, but I guess a
show would have been a funn thing to watch.

While me and Jessica have drifted apart, I have been talking
to Chris more. Just like old times.

The party with the parents was better than expected. I talked
to Louis, and Mike. The Husbands of the two co-workers that
my mom had over. Mike had an intrest in Anime, and Louis is a
big Computer Buff, he is into Linux, and into ripping dat
tapes that he gets at shows. He is going to goto the Tori
Amos show and copy the show. So it was neat talking to both
of them.

After that, and getting the ticket, I hung out with Krista.
It wasn't that eventful. We talked about her sex life, which
she really hates talking about. But, she feels bad that the
realtionship with her and Matt hasn't worked out, and she
feels bad that a friendship wouldn't workout. She isn't
thrilled with her new partner, since they arn't really
dating, but kinda, and they mess around, but Jordan keeps it
'open' Krista really doesn't like that but, still really
likes Jordan. We went to Embers Ate and then went back to her
place. Then her sister cameover and they had a minor spat,
which for them is quite loud. But, none the less that past.
Learned that N.E.R.D. is from Minnesota. And Ensured that
Krista would be coming to the mall of america For BND (Buy
Nothing Day).

I guess I learned how to spell Brei. So Brei talked to us
last night on the phone. Us being me and Krista. she had to
tell us both about her breaks and both about her friend that
has throwen her life away to try out on American Teen Idol. I
guess that would be American Teen Idol II. Whatever, So none
the less we wasted 40min of our time talking about something
that should have been talked about at embers over some food.
But Brei really talks a lot. Not that is a bad thing. One of
the things I like about. But, Guess Others get pissed that
she doesn't consider that they might be doing something when
she calls. I don't want to strike anything against her,
because if it had been anyother night I would have talked to
her. If I would have been home with nothing to do. I would
have talked to her. Just not on Krista's Cell phone. I dunno,
Like the girl, she just takes her self a lot like Emily.
Thinking she is way to smart.

Going to Buy nothing Day at Mall of America. Going to try to
borrow my Grandpa's camra. Then Everything should be cool. I
don't know what it will be like, And I don't even know if I
will get the day off from the theater, for Turkey day or BND.