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2002-11-17 22:21:49 (UTC)


ok to who ever said that i was a "fucking poser" may i
ask how im a poser!? u dont even know who i am u
dumbass...but anyway heres a lil....well not really lil may
take some time to read!!!lol something u mght enjoy...

poo machine0: uuuhhh why does ur profile say sponge bob is
AntiAuthorityPnk: becuz he is
AntiAuthorityPnk: who is this?
poo machine0: someone u dont know
poo machine0: i looked u up i n the aol directory
AntiAuthorityPnk: o
AntiAuthorityPnk: spongebob is punk
poo machine0: and how may i ask id sponge bob punk???
AntiAuthorityPnk: becuz punk is my word for cool
AntiAuthorityPnk: and sponge is cool
poo machine0: o....ok
poo machine0: ya uhhh so r u punk but not meaning of cool i
mean like punk
AntiAuthorityPnk: ya
poo machine0: o.....ok uuuhhh hhmmm
poo machine0: and how r u punk
AntiAuthorityPnk: becuz i listen to punk music
poo machine0: do u listen to blink avril....uuuhhh good
poo machine0: who to u is punk music?
AntiAuthorityPnk: my fav bands are green day good charlotte
nofx pennywise and antiflag
poo machine0: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha lmao
poo machine0: good charlette is not punk either is greenday
AntiAuthorityPnk: wats so funny
AntiAuthorityPnk: ya they are
AntiAuthorityPnk: they are pop punk
AntiAuthorityPnk: mainstream punk
AntiAuthorityPnk: take ur pick
AntiAuthorityPnk: u just think they are not punk cuz they
are on the radio
poo machine0: no they arent just cause they dress in black
spike theyer hair and sing about stupid shit does not make
them punk
poo machine0: no
AntiAuthorityPnk: there music is punk u idiot
AntiAuthorityPnk: its peeps like u that ruin the punk world
poo machine0: no it isnt u obviosley dont know what punk is
poo machine0: peeps!!!:????

poo machine0: what huh peeps?
AntiAuthorityPnk: peeps that think that just cuz a band is
on the radio that they arent punk
poo machine0: punk world what?
AntiAuthorityPnk: peeps that mean people
poo machine0: i never said that mabey u should re-read this
AntiAuthorityPnk: peeps mean people
poo machine0: yes i know what peeps means
poo machine0: its just so stupid
AntiAuthorityPnk: no it is just shortening a word
AntiAuthorityPnk: cuz im not a good typer
poo machine0: either am i
poo machine0: but anyway
AntiAuthorityPnk: so mr. i know evrything about punk,who is
ur fav bands
poo machine0: uuummmm i am no mr u idiot
poo machine0: i am a girl stupid shit
poo machine0: i dont have a fav. band
AntiAuthorityPnk: o wow ur a punk girl
AntiAuthorityPnk: o
poo machine0: no
AntiAuthorityPnk: u must be on of the so called punk girls
who is in love with avril lavigne
poo machine0: i do not label my self as punk
poo machine0: i hate avril
poo machine0: and i hate good charlette and all of those
stupid lame ass bands
poo machine0: who think they r punk
poo machine0: u r just another mass
AntiAuthorityPnk: shutup greenday and good charlotte are
niot lame
poo machine0: i never said that greenday was but they r not
AntiAuthorityPnk: then wat r they
AntiAuthorityPnk: wat is greenday if they are not punk
poo machine0: and i cant shut up because i am not talking i
am typing
AntiAuthorityPnk: wat is greenday if they are not punk
poo machine0: another think i would like to add is why
would u call this worls as ppl refer to it ass ;a
punk world???
poo machine0: and green day is a sell out u moron
AntiAuthorityPnk: they r not
poo machine0: well u asked me and i told u
poo machine0: do u listen to blink or box car racer??/
AntiAuthorityPnk: no
AntiAuthorityPnk: i like blinks old stuff
AntiAuthorityPnk: thats it though
AntiAuthorityPnk: they r gay now
poo machine0: yes
poo machine0: yes they r
AntiAuthorityPnk: and boxcar are fagets to
poo machine0: yep just making sure'
poo machine0: but how is sponge bob punk???
AntiAuthorityPnk: but greenday is not a sellout
AntiAuthorityPnk: the peeps in g.d. are still punk but they
dont make punk music
poo machine0: and what make s u so punk cause u suposebly
listen to punk music??/
AntiAuthorityPnk: they did not stop being punk though
poo machine0: yes they did they r sell outs
AntiAuthorityPnk: cuz that is wat a punk is
AntiAuthorityPnk: a punk is a person who listens to punk
poo machine0: hhhmmmm what is punk u?
poo machine0: no it isnt'
AntiAuthorityPnk: ya it is
poo machine0: punk is attitude /music not just music
AntiAuthorityPnk: a punk isnt a person who dresses like a
punk if that is wat ur thinkin
poo machine0: u and ur friends are all masses
poo machine0: and what do punks dress like???
AntiAuthorityPnk: o shutup u punk ruiner
poo machine0: what im a punk ruiner???what might that be?
AntiAuthorityPnk: a person who is a disgrace to punk music
poo machine0: so how do u dress ???where do u shop?
AntiAuthorityPnk: i shop at the only place anywhere near me
to buy punk clothes
AntiAuthorityPnk: hot topic
poo machine0: hahahhahaha lmfao
AntiAuthorityPnk: wat is so funny bout that
poo machine0: hot topic is not a punk shop u idiot
AntiAuthorityPnk: uh....ya it is
poo machine0: if u were to be "punk" which u arent u would
not shop at the mall
poo machine0: uh no its not
AntiAuthorityPnk: then wat is
AntiAuthorityPnk: that is the only place i can find any
punk clothes
poo machine0: thrift stores are where real punk ppl shop
they dont buy anythig at the stupid mall
poo machine0: a trift store may not be so trendy but of
course trendy has nothing to do with punk right?
AntiAuthorityPnk: ya i no
poo machine0: they have lots of stuff there
AntiAuthorityPnk: but can u find fucken spiked bracelets at
the thrift storwe
AntiAuthorityPnk: no u cant
AntiAuthorityPnk: see
poo machine0: well i will admit i shop at hot topic i use
to be a mass i dress like one but i sure as hell dont act
like one
AntiAuthorityPnk: but u can at hot topic
poo machine0: of corse u can at hottopic thats where all
the masses shop
AntiAuthorityPnk: well hot topic is where u can get punk
AntiAuthorityPnk: well im not a mass even though i donnt
know wat it means
poo machine0: a mass is some one or...everyone now who
shops at that poser store hot topic and wears ties and says
stupid shit like "sponge bob is punk"
poo machine0: saftey pins are also on the list of masses
AntiAuthorityPnk: wow then i guess every punk band ever to
be alive is a mass
poo machine0: no
poo machine0: only the wanna bes
AntiAuthorityPnk: ok name punk bands that are not masses
poo machine0: dead kennedys i guess u could say they r punk
sex pistols,
poo machine0: punk is dead
AntiAuthorityPnk: ok those are all oldie punk
poo machine0: ya cause it died in the 80s dumb shit
AntiAuthorityPnk: but wat about nofx antiflag pennywise and
poo machine0: no
poo machine0: rancid.....mabey
AntiAuthorityPnk: punk is not dead
poo machine0: yes it is
poo machine0: but enough w/ this stupid argument
poo machine0: its meaning less cause u just arent getting it
AntiAuthorityPnk: well some peeps may think that it is dead
but tgose peeps are the reason its dead
AntiAuthorityPnk: people lost faith in it
poo machine0: no
AntiAuthorityPnk: that is y it died
poo machine0: cause there r no other real punk bands
poo machine0: its dead!!!!!!!!!
AntiAuthorityPnk: ull see that one day it will make its
poo machine0: there r no other real punk bands
AntiAuthorityPnk: when i grow up it will make its comeback
poo machine0: mabey but for now
poo machine0: no
AntiAuthorityPnk: ya cuz my band will make it comeback
poo machine0: what r u in some kind of punk band???
AntiAuthorityPnk: im only 11 though
AntiAuthorityPnk: tya
AntiAuthorityPnk: ya*
poo machine0: ah hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
poo machine0: ok
AntiAuthorityPnk: wat so funny
poo machine0: ok ya
poo machine0: u
AntiAuthorityPnk: that im in 6th grade
poo machine0: u make me laugh my ass off
poo machine0: no
poo machine0: cause u think ur band is punk
poo machine0: ah hahaha
AntiAuthorityPnk: they r
AntiAuthorityPnk: u havent heard us hav u
poo machine0: i bet all u do is talk about posers and
shitand sing w/ ur high pitched girly voices
poo machine0: no but im sure u suk
poo machine0: u prob. sound like o-town and backstreet boys
poo machine0: but enough bye
AntiAuthorityPnk: fuck off
poo machine0: thats what im doing
AntiAuthorityPnk: good
poo machine0: loser but u keep talking to mr
poo machine0: me*
poo machine0: have fun lil "punk rocker" dumb shit
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