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2001-02-01 04:59:34 (UTC)

Another tiring day. I ve been..

Another tiring day. I've been up for almost 25 hours
straight. I'm starting to go insane! Its about time for
bed but I wanted to write about my day first.

Went to school... did work.... came home... played
guitar.... went online.... talked to Shanen..... talked to
other people.... watched temptation island.

Temptation Island:
Kick ass this week! Wooohoo soo much contravercy! One of
the couples got kicked off because the producers found out
that they had kids! Thats gotta suck... And other
interesting stuff happened but it wasn't as interesting. I
kept coming in here to talk online during commercials and I
ended up missing quite a bit of the show doing that so next
week I'm just going to watch and not leave the room.

Thursday, Shanen's b-day... of course I got her a gift...
its not very exciting but I'm not a very good gift giver.

Band practice right after school. That means I gotta carry
around all my equipment during school and that kinda sucks
big hairy nuts. But its worth it in the long run. There
is a possibility that I won't have to bring it because if
Cecille is still sick we won't have anywhere to practice.

Concert that I am probably not going to unless I find out
what time Dumbfounded is playing... and Shanen's party that
I am most likely going to.

Not quite sure yet... possibly "Shanen Day" ? But it may
just be another boring old day

Other news:
The teachers supposedly had a meeting today after school to
discuss whether or not it would be necessary to close
school for a day. Because a whole lot of the students and
teachers are absent. They think that closing the school
for a day will let it air out or something to get rid of
some of the germs that are packed within those walls.

I'm gonna go to bed now, maybe watch a little Wild On
______ or listen to a CD or somethin fun like that... we'll

Anyway, I'm out right now, Nighty Night folks...


(Happy 45th Diary Entry, and Happy February Day!... clock just struck
12am here... )

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