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2002-11-17 20:54:40 (UTC)


Yesterday i had THANKSGIVING!!!yyuummm!!!!it was sooo
good.the reason is,my whole (dads) side of the family is
not going to be home for we had it early.

today i have my drum mad,sorta cause i have
this beat for a song that i ve been doing and i cant do it
fast enough for the song!!!poooo

o well-im talkin to my friend chelsea right now on aol
messanger,mine is-poo machine0- ya me and here r really
close been friends since the 3rd grade and now in 8th.Ive
never had a friend that long. o god tomorrow is skool i
dunt wanna go!!!i have to see a zondor beast and a dumbass
named chris....O and a smelly thing named cortni that lurks
around w/ that horrible b.o following right after it!!!

my mom is getting re-married im kinda mad but then
again i dont care...i dont know how many of u guys's moms
and dads r divorsed but it suks!!!uuuhhh....i cant think of
anything else to say so bye -*