Nick's Journal
2002-11-17 20:19:28 (UTC)


I have to agree with Amye here, assholes amuse the hell
out of me. I don't quite understand them in the first
place. I'm not quite sure that they're actually getting
anyhting out of whta they're doing or how they act towards
you. It jus leads to an embitterment, that results in a
constant re-entrenchment in your own asshole like
I mean we all know how we feel when we get called out for
doing something stupid, we hate it so much that usually we
stick with what we're doing even if we KNOW it's
Like a couple of days ago at the gym. This guy cut
infront of me and john to use a machine, "i was using it"
was what he said. so we said "well there was no towel on
it how should we know?" and he looked at us in such a
mean, exasperated way and said, "i don't have a towel".
what a jerk. but i don't understand it though, i mean he
looked so embittered.
ironically it's always those that think themselves to be
so deep are actually the most shallow. those that act the
most confident are the most insecure. but this guy just
looked so horribly pissed off, just when he came to the
at parties i notice them a lot, they'll shove in front of
you for the beer, or bitch about the party. they're so
wrapped up in their own package of fabricated frivilties
that the rest of the world's outcome due to their
indiscretions are inconsequential. they're their own
world, and the only thing that shatters them is an attack
on their estate. what happens around them doesn't matter,
unless it can be a basis for an apathetic attack. hhhmm,
that seems oxymoronic. but it does occur, i dont' know it
just reminds me a lot of the ben folds five song "battle
of who could care less".
oh well.