Nick's Journal
2002-11-17 20:06:17 (UTC)


Walking around outside you notice so much.
Cold children clamoring to their mothers.
Pathetic Protestors pretending to preach palpable lies.
Yet they just go home once it gets too cold.
Their signs falling to the ground in the same listless
manner as the leaves fall from the trees.
Stuck up sorority sluts reeking of perfume, and
suffocating every effort I made to pay attention to my
Going up to the tallest building and appreciating the
fiery, setting sun, as it goes to sleep and opens the door
for the cold darkness only nocturnal creatures can truly
The leaves, changing from their golden orange hue, later
exploding into red as they attempt one last chance at
recognition, just like a dying star.
Dumb, downsie, delinquent forgetting my garlic bread.
The wetness of days of rain, squishing in my shoes only
furthering my will to get back into bed.
Rain splashing on my face and the coldness drying it up
before I can even wipe it away.
Most people hate this time of year, they get cold, wet,
and depressed. It's my favorite time of year.
It shows creativeness. The leaves change, the weather
changes, and people have ot start wearing clothes again.
Therefore i don't see guys in wife beaters, and girls with
their beer bellys hanging out of their cut off shirt.
Instead I see those that actually know how to dress
Everyone has skin. Not everyone has taste.