Grandpa Carroll

2001-08-17 21:01:16 (UTC)

THE TRUTH, Plain and simple

I can remember over 50 years ago when us kids were still at
home in Mokane Mo. My sister Faye and I were only about 5
or 6 years old. We had some older brothers, Jerry and Del
but we never hung around them much. Faye and I stuck
togeather. We were pals. We lived in the country and used
to get up at daybreak to the smell of fresh bacon and eggs
on the stove. Mom would always make sweet milk gravy and
home made biscuits. Faye and I would be out playing while
the morning dew was still on the grass. Below the hill
behind our house was a creek that ran down through the farm
lands. Over the creek was an old iron railing bridge. It
was painted red so we just called it the red bridge. Faye
and I would hide up under the bridge and smoke cigarette
butts we had found in the ash trays. After playing in the
creek, and a few smokes later, we walked about 3 miles down
the gravle road to Mrs. Thomas's farm. She had a buck sheep
that was a mean bastard and we knew it. If he saw us before
we saw him, he would charge us with his head down and try
to butt us with his head. Today was going to be different.
We had a plan. I climbed up in the big tree just inside the
pasture. Faye was going to get the sheeps attention and
when he came charging at her, she was going to run under
the tree and I was going to drop from the tree onto his
back and ride him. Faye got the sheeps attention and bigger
than shit, here he came. Faye screamed, "Buddy, here we
come". Just as she ran under the tree I let go of the limb
I was hanging onto hoping to land on the sheeps back. I
must have misjudged his speed and let go a second to soon
and just as I hit the ground on my ass that old buck sheep
hit me square in the chest and it felt like a freight train
had hit me. I didn't have enough air in my lungs to yell
for help. Hell, I could'nt even breath. By the time I came
to my senses, Faye had found an old piece of a pitch fork
somewhere. By now she was cussing like a sailor. I heard
her say, "Buddy, I'll get that son-of-a-bitch". I guess
that old sheep had had that pitch fork used on his ass
before cause when Faye lit out after him, he turned and ran
like he knew what that fork was for. We stayed and some
lunch with Mrs. Thomas and had a good laugh about that old
buck sheep. We almost forgot what time it was and it was
getting dark.
We knew we had to get home fast cause it was Friday night
and thats when our dad got home from St. Louis. He worked
away from home and only came home on weekends. We knew we
would get a beating wheather we did anything or not. It was
after dark when we got home and dad was already their. I
remember smelling wine on his breath as he screamed at us
for being late. He screamed,"Yer git'n yer ass whooped fur
be'n late". It was hot summer time and we had no A/C and
his shirt was soaked from his sweat. He grabbed Faye first
and jerked his wet shirt off and twisted it up and began
beating her. She ran in circles as the pee ran down her
little legs and he just kept beating her and
screaming, "Don't you run from me". I thought of the sheep
and how she defended me with her life and now I couldn't
help her against this animal. I yelled, "Dad, don't hit her
anymore, your hurting her". He just screamed at me and
said, "Go cut me a switch off the tree boy, yer next". I
knew if I brought back a small switch that would only piss
him off and he'd beat me worse so I went out into the dark
with his pocket knife and looked for the longest switch I
could find. I could hear Faye crying in the house. By the
time I got back into the house with the switch he had
already made Faye go upstairs to bed with her wet pants on.
Mom knew if she said anything, she would get yelled at too.
I knew it was my turn and by the time he got to me, he was
really pissed and began beating me on my bare legs with
that switch and I could feel the blood start to run. After
awhile the burning goes away and you just get numb. He made
me go upstairs to bed with the dried blood on my back and
legs and my underwear soaked with piss. I remember looking
out the upstairs screen and seeing mom sitting under the
tree with her hands over her ears so she couldnt hear the
screaming. I could hear Faye trying to keep from crying and
I felt so badly cause I couldn't help her as she had helped
me today. Me, I didn't hurt any more. I was still numb from
the beating. Getting our ass kicked was an every week end
thing but we just had a hard time figuring out WHY. We knew
when Sunday finaly came around dad would go back to St.
Louis for the week and Faye and I could be kids again for
another week. I remember we used to play doctor on Monday
mornings. She would pretend she was a nurse and I would go
to see her for the cut marks on my legs from the beatings.
She pretended to give me a shot and put medicine on my legs
and make me all better and you know what? I think it really
worked. Well diary, I'll write some more tomorrow. Just
writing this has got me all bummed out. (such is life)