2002-11-17 19:43:28 (UTC)


Hey. Wassup? I know it's been a while since I wrote in my
little diary, but I will be doing it more often because I
need that little emotional release, nawmean? Haha...I just
need somewhere to put my thoughts.

Wondering why the title of this entry is "Punk-ass Perris"?
Well, I go to Perris and it's WHACK! I don't talk to
Brittney anymore because of some differences we had. We
havn't been talking for about a month, and I don't look
forward to talking to her. I'll talk to her when she
decides to talk to me. You know how she gets her little
attitudes. I'm going to try to go back to Rancho when the
report cards come out. I'm going to try to have all good
grades for my transcript. Nawmean?!

My parents are getting a divorce. I'm not one of the kids
who are depressed and upset about it, thank God. I feel
it's their decision and if they're uncompatible, then they
don't need to be together. My mom has a boyfriend named
Michael. I went to Virginia with her to go meet him. He's
nice, but it seems like he tries too hard to be friendly
with me. Maybe that's just him. My mom moved out of the
house up to Vandenberg, which is a little military
community. Mae-Maes went with her. I think I'm going to
stay down here with my dad and finish school. Then I'm
going to go to college out in Florida.

Dexter and I are "talking". We might as well be going out
because we act like we do. But he was like, "I'm scared to
ask you out because I just got out of a 3 year
relationship." I should tell him, "When you're ready to ask
me out, then come holla at me." Haha. Anyway, I"mma go now
and work on my flows and try to find a car online. I need
to get my permit!


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