Motivation Proclamation
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2002-11-17 19:17:54 (UTC)

Yea Me!!

Okay so it is Sunday once again. I am at work cause that
is all I do on Sunday....So let's begin with Tuesday shall
we? Tuesday I go to practice and afterwards I am
determined to talk to coach to see if I am running. So as
soon as I open my mouth I start to cry. I was just so
upset about the whole situation. And then I find out that
it is not between me and Katie. Katie is definately
running and it was between me and someone else. I didn't
know why at the time because I was not even close to
anybody on the team...So basically he just asked me if I
wanted to run and I said yes. So then after thinking about
it and telling the story to Danielle we determined that it
was between me and Cara. Cara has been having really bad
athsma atacks. So then I talk to Cara on Thursday and she
says that she talked to coach on Sunday and he said that he
might not put her in. Whatever. So Thursday after
practice she talks to him and he tells her she's not
running. So that meant I was going to run!!!! YEA!!! I
was so exteremly happy. The trip was fun me, Jenny and
Danielle stayed in a room. We went shopping at TJ Max with
Emma and Katie for underwear! We did a compliment circle
which I haven't read mine and I don't really know where it
is...oops. The race was fun. It was muddy as hell and
cold and windy and rainy and the boys ran before us and
they messed it all up so it was extra hard to run. Not
very fun. My time was good, for me anyway, 28:48, so I was
very happy with my last race.

My parents and sister came!! First time seeing me mom and
sister since being at school and Justin came!!! I was
soooo happy to see him. I saw him while I was on the line
and I ran over to him and just jumped on him and gave him a
big hug and kiss. I miss my honey! That was his first
race, I am glad he make it out even though he got lost. I
will be seeing him on Wednesday. Yea! Randy came in 10th
overall and qualified for Nationals in Minnesota!!! Go
Randaaay! The girl that won last year at Van Cortand park
won again this year. Her 6K time is faster than my 5K
time. Yea, just a little insane. Coach Capelli took Jenny
out for a beer afterwards before the ceremony, I am
jealous. I wonder if I were 21 if I would have gotten a
beer too? Doesn't matter cause as soon as I got home I
cracked one open.

So yes the party last nite was way mucho fun. We had the
girls over at our place and for a while were were just
sitting around but then we flipped the couch over in an
attempt to play flip cup but we realized we had no cups, so
we played kings instead. Way fun. Then we walked over to
E6 in the pouring rain and then we just danced the nite
away until Danielle puked on the stairs and the cops came.
Oh well it was late anyways...3ish or so.

So academic wise things went well. My botany test went
okay on wednesday, we will see. And I actually think that
I did well on my Physics test. I studied and I knew what I
was doing for once!! Go me!!! I got a 94 on my Physiology
test! Wooo Haaa! I am really anxious to get my physics
back, I studied! I think that is about it for me. I shall
write again...Peace out! (WORD!)