The Daily Babble
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2001-08-17 20:09:45 (UTC)

...Its been a while...

So I know I know, its been a while since I wrote but I've
been busy...Actually I don't remember what exactly I've
been busy with, so lemme just start with last weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, I went over to Jeff's and we went to
see American Pie2. It was pretty funny and we had a really
good time....After that we drove to his cousin Wennie's
house for a family gathering....It was nice seeing his
family again and all the little babies in his family.
Unfortunately, I was only able to stay an hour and then I
had to get back home.

After dinner, Jill called me [oh my goodness!] and she
asked if I would go shopping with her for jeans so we went
to Bob's stores for a lil while and caught up and she hung
out at my house for a lil while after that.

Sunday I went to my uncle's for an Indian tradition thing
and I have to go again tomorrow, but that was nice.

This week has been hell at work...there's been so much to
do and I've been pretty Jeff and I didn't get
together this week and I don't know for sure if I'll see
him over the weekend! Sigh...But we're trying to be
strong. =-)

Oh Jill also called me yesterday so I talked to her for a
lil while...Today's been and Nimra got Indian food
for lunch which was a whole adventure. And I just went out
and got ice cream, yum. Hehe..

Well I"ll probably write again on Sunday with my exciting
weekend! HOpe all is well, oh and for those of you who
know my webpage address...check it out, its been updated!