Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-08-17 20:05:13 (UTC)

To get away!

Have you ever just wanted to get away? Of course you
have! We all have at one time or another. But have you ever
wanted it so bad that you would risk your entire future for
a single moment of freedom? To be free from all the things
that hold you down. Including at times, yourself. To be so
far away that you can forget everything that you hold on
to. Have you ever felt that you were being held under
water? You can't breath. You can move. No mater how hard
you try you can catch your breath. It's holding you down.
Pushing you down. Imagine that feeling to live by for the
rest of your life. You desire so much to come up for air.
It's killing you staying where you are. You need air. You
need to live & be free. To get so far away from that one
thing that will not let you come up. It's there, haunting
you. You can't escape it. But you need to or else you'll
die. What do you do? It's one of those things that you
can't fix but need to get away from. If you were to leave
right now, which you can, you would have to work so much
harder to stay above the water than sit around waiting to
die. Would it be better then, or better as you sufficate?
It's hard to tell because that one thing will kill you if
you stay. But you can be killed if you go. Some people
prefer to say it's running away from your problems that
will always be there. But if you kill yourself they
say "It's a permenant solution to a temporary problem."
People can't make up their mind on the bull shit they give
you. Because that's all it is, bull shit. The way I see it
is, get up off your ass, leave & make your own rules to
live by. Quit sitting around waiting to die. That freedom
is out there. Waiting for you to find it. Don't let it go
to waste. Don't let these things hold you down. Don't let
them take away all your breath. Don't let them kill you.
This is probably one of the most lamest things I have ever
wrote but I just had to get this out. Sorry for waisting
your time. I know most of you expected some sort of
meaningful writting but this just had to be said.

Love's Lost Child