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2002-11-17 16:56:39 (UTC)


Its more like a blah day today. Sunday suck because theres
no school but u still feel like u need to be in by 7
oclock. Well, today, ( hopefully) ill get to go see Eminem,
Im pretty excited! LoL I had the most awful dream last
night. I had a dream i lived in a old town with few people
and my mom only had a week to live becuase she was dying
with cancer! how awful is that?! i woke up with a tear in
my eye! Last night i was so sick, i didnt do anything- but
i did get my homework done so it was all good. Today is
officially the first day of snow!!!!! Oh gosh, i love snow
becuase it reminds me of christmas and i LOVE christmas,
especially the part where i get to decorate the house with
decorations and lights. Yesterday i watched cinderella. its
so weird when u are 17 and u go back to watch movies u
watched when u were 6. I think the plot makes so much sence
now and for the first time i actually listened to what the
narrarator had to say in the beginning of the movie! haha.
well im going to go now....Im not in the mood to type.

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